What's New

New updates and improvements to Listomo

Webhook Event Documentation Updated

We have updated our webhook documentation to now include the event types and sample JSON payloads that will be sent to your webhooks. View the documentation here.

Webhook Docs Added

The documentation for webhooks is no available on developers.listomo.com. Learn how to add and remove webhook endpoints via the API.

Webhook Support (Alpha Release)

We now have webhooks available for alpha support. Very soon this will be to support integration with Zapier. If you're interested in Webhook support, please reach out to support at listomo.com and we'll get you set up.

API Docs Fixed

There was an error in the API docs. We previously had included a url segment /api/ which should not have been in every api call in the documentation. That has now been fixed and the URL's in the documentation are now correct.

Listomo API Released

We now have an api available for general use. You can add/edit/delete lists, forms, contacts and more. The api is available at api.listomo.com, documentation is available at developers.listomo.com

New Total Subscriber Graph, Trailing 30 Days

On each list dashboard you'll now have a "Total Subscribers" chart that shows you the total subscriber count for your list. As contacts subscribe to your list the total will increase and as they unsubscribe the total will decrease. This allows you to track your list growth over the last 30 days.

New Trailing 30 Days Subscriber Growth Graph

On each list dashboard you'll now have a graph of the trailing last 30 days subscriber growth so that you can visualize your list growth.

Broadcast and Double Confirmation Template Image Support

Up until recently, Listomo only supported text only emails. Now, all broadcast and double confirmation email templates support images. Simply attach, drag and drop or copy/paste the image into your editor and you can send emails with images. 

Block Disposable and Free Email Providers Feature

This latest update includes an invaluable tool for any email marketing campaign: the ability to block sign-ups from free and disposable email service providers.

Our deny lists (known as blacklists in other providers) currently block over 4,700 free email providers and over 150,000 disposable email domains.

This feature shields your subscriber list from spam, high bounce and disengagement issues, which could harm your sender status.

By ensuring your list is filled with dedicated, genuinely interested contacts, your marketing initiatives become more impactful and targeted. This update represents a proactive approach towards refining the quality of your subscriber base, improving the overall effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Example use case: You are building an app and you are building a list of high quality leads that you only want to come from commercial email addresses (not free ones like GMail, Yahoo Mail, etc). Utilizing our block free email providers feature you can rest assured that your email list will only have highly qualified leads present in it.

Mail Provider Email Credit Checks

Listomo will now check your available email credits on your selected mail provider before launching your campaign. If you don't have enough mail credits with the provider (and if the provider is email credit based) then your campaign will not e sent.

This helps preventing campaigns from accidentally getting sent that do not get delivered because there is not enough credits available on your selected mail provider.

Example: If you have SendGrid as your mail provider. Your list has 800 contacts in it. Your SendGrid account has 500 available email credits. You create a campaign, and then attempt to send it, you'll receive an error message stating that your SendGrid account does not have enough credits to send this campaign, along with the number of credits you have remaining.

Customized Incentive Emails with Liquid Formatting

You can now edit the incentive email (also known as Double Confirmation emails) contents for each form.

This allows you to provide a customized experience to contacts when they sign up to any form. 

For example, your list might be to promote your new product, but you might have different marketing channels: Twitter & Instagram. You could have two different forms that serve each channel that are used to collect email addresses for your list. You can now customize the email that gets sent to the contact when they are to confirm their email address. This would allow you to customize the messaging for that double confirmation that would be tailored to the source. 

Your Instagram Form (leads that come from Instagram):
Thanks for checking out my IG, click the link below and you'll be added to my newsletter that I send every week. 

Your Twitter Form (leads that come from Twitter):
Thanks for checking out my Twitter, where I share my tips on how to become the best version of yourself. Click the link below to be added to my newsletter where I share similar tips, every week. 

Customizations that are are available in each double confirmation email: 
  • subscriber.first_name
  • subscriber.last_name
  • subscriber.email

Contact Dashboard, Email Activity Feed & Form Details

The form detail page has been upgraded to display the active contacts associated with each form as well as the email activity of the contact.

You can access an archive of all emails sent to a contact, complete with information on the status of each email. This provides a comprehensive overview of contact interaction history, revealing valuable insights into your communications.

In addition, the system now enables you to discern which forms a contact has subscribed to. This new feature allows for a deeper examination of each contact and their respective source, enhancing your understanding of your contact engagement and growth campaigns.

If you have enabled open tracking, or are interested in monitoring bounced messages or emails marked as spam, this information is now readily available in the email activity feed. The objective is to provide a clearer understanding of your contacts' interactions with your content.

Multiple List Forms

Experience a whole new level of flexibility and customization with our latest enhancement - multi-collection forms for each list. Now, your lists can boast an assortment of unique forms, each precisely crafted for your diverse growth strategies, dynamic landing pages and beyond.

What's more, there's no limit to the number of forms your contacts can be a part of. However, the system ensures the contact is only added once to the list to keep your list neat and streamlined.

This is to support a new feature that's on the horizon: Segmentation and automations based on the specific moment a contact is added to a form, and much more.

Email and Web Preview of Campaign Emails

You can now preview your campaign emails via the browser (web preview) or email (send yourself an email) so that you can see how your emails look before sending them out to your list.

Sendgrid Webhook Processing

If you're using Sendgrid to send your emails, Listomo will automatically register to listen for webhook notifications. This will allow us to register any unsubscribes, spam or bounces so that your list stays healthy and clean.

Embeddable Forms

Added embeddable forms to each form.

This will allow you to copy/paste the embeddable form code into your site to host the form independently of Listomo instead of pointing a user to your Listomo-hosted subscription page.

The form can be styled to fit your brand so that it is seamless.

Recaptcha Support on Forms

Recaptcha has been added to all List forms to prevent bad actors from list bombing your lists. 

This feature cannot be disabled. Recaptcha is hidden until the system determines the request could be malicious. At that time, the Recaptcha challenge will be shown. This is to protect the health of your list.

Form Support: Lists can now have multiple Forms

You can create multiple forms for each list. This allows you to set up a form for a particular lead capture. 

For example, you can have different forms that will enable you to track the source of your leads: 

  • A form for Twitter Lead Conversions
  • A form for Instagram Lead Conversions
  • A form for Blog Lead Conversions
  • ...and more

Each form has it's own subscribe parameter values and hosted forms. There is no limit to the number of forms you create. 

Import Contacts

You can now import contacts via a CSV file 📄 into your lists.

Contact Search

You can now search for a contact in each list contact section via the new 🔎 search feature.