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Block Disposable and Free Email Providers Feature

This latest update includes an invaluable tool for any email marketing campaign: the ability to block sign-ups from free and disposable email service providers.

Our deny lists (known as blacklists in other providers) currently block over 4,700 free email providers and over 150,000 disposable email domains.

This feature shields your subscriber list from spam, high bounce and disengagement issues, which could harm your sender status.

By ensuring your list is filled with dedicated, genuinely interested contacts, your marketing initiatives become more impactful and targeted. This update represents a proactive approach towards refining the quality of your subscriber base, improving the overall effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Example use case: You are building an app and you are building a list of high quality leads that you only want to come from commercial email addresses (not free ones like GMail, Yahoo Mail, etc). Utilizing our block free email providers feature you can rest assured that your email list will only have highly qualified leads present in it.