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Customized Incentive Emails with Liquid Formatting

You can now edit the incentive email (also known as Double Confirmation emails) contents for each form.

This allows you to provide a customized experience to contacts when they sign up to any form. 

For example, your list might be to promote your new product, but you might have different marketing channels: Twitter & Instagram. You could have two different forms that serve each channel that are used to collect email addresses for your list. You can now customize the email that gets sent to the contact when they are to confirm their email address. This would allow you to customize the messaging for that double confirmation that would be tailored to the source. 

Your Instagram Form (leads that come from Instagram):
Thanks for checking out my IG, click the link below and you'll be added to my newsletter that I send every week. 

Your Twitter Form (leads that come from Twitter):
Thanks for checking out my Twitter, where I share my tips on how to become the best version of yourself. Click the link below to be added to my newsletter where I share similar tips, every week. 

Customizations that are are available in each double confirmation email: 
  • subscriber.first_name
  • subscriber.last_name
  • subscriber.email