What's New

New updates and improvements to Listomo

Sendgrid Webhook Processing

If you're using Sendgrid to send your emails, Listomo will automatically register to listen for webhook notifications. This will allow us to register any unsubscribes, spam or bounces so that your list stays healthy and clean.

Embeddable Forms

Added embeddable forms to each form.

This will allow you to copy/paste the embeddable form code into your site to host the form independently of Listomo instead of pointing a user to your Listomo-hosted subscription page.

The form can be styled to fit your brand so that it is seamless.

Recaptcha Support on Forms

Recaptcha has been added to all List forms to prevent bad actors from list bombing your lists. 

This feature cannot be disabled. Recaptcha is hidden until the system determines the request could be malicious. At that time, the Recaptcha challenge will be shown. This is to protect the health of your list.

Form Support: Lists can now have multiple Forms

You can create multiple forms for each list. This allows you to set up a form for a particular lead capture. 

For example, you can have different forms that will enable you to track the source of your leads: 

  • A form for Twitter Lead Conversions
  • A form for Instagram Lead Conversions
  • A form for Blog Lead Conversions
  • ...and more

Each form has it's own subscribe parameter values and hosted forms. There is no limit to the number of forms you create. 

Import Contacts

You can now import contacts via a CSV file 📄 into your lists.

Contact Search

You can now search for a contact in each list contact section via the new 🔎 search feature.

Broadcast Emails Liquid Support

Broadcast emails now support liquid templating for contact first name, last name, and email address

Liquid variables that are now available:
  • subscriber.first_name
  • subscriber.last_name
  • subscriber.email

More info on liquid templating.

Campaign Level Pixel Tracking

Lists can specify if emails should have email tracking enabled, and now campaigns can specify if they would like to override that behavior. 

This means that your campaign can enable or disable pixel tracking on each campaign. 

Want pixel tracking on today's campaign but not tomorrow's campaign? Now you can do that. 🎉

Enable/Disable Pixel Tracking Per List

Each list can now enable or disable pixel tracking per list.